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50 Things to Do on a Snow Day with Kids

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Well, we have started off the new year with our first big snowstorm and freezing weather here on the Northeast. It has been termed, “Bomb Cyclone” and while we all love a good snow storm once in a while, there are lots of parents (ahem, me) that just want to get these kids back to […]

Everything You Do Is Right Day

Everything You Do is Right Day!

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We all need one of these days, “Everything You Do is Right Day!” Well, today is your lucky  day. Give yourself a pat on the back for all the amazing achievements and accomplishments you have done already today. Today, March 16, 2017 is #everythingyoudoisrightday. Today is a better day than yesterday which was Everything You […]


5 Simple Tips for Creating the Life You Want (even when things aren’t easy)

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It’s 2017 and it’s time for us all to move our lives forward and in the direction we want. I have written the 5 Simple Tips for Creating the Life You Want even when things aren’t easy. We all have challenges and hardships and sometimes life is really exhausting. I get it, I’ve been there. […]

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Wellness is my Word of the Year for 2017

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Declaring my Word for 2017: Wellness It’s that time of the year again– time to declare your word of the year! I just declared mine and this year it is Wellness.  I hope you’ll do it too, if you haven’t. It’s fun, trust me.  I’ve been doing this publicly for the past few years and […]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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After being a mom now for 14 years and to four children, I am getting pretty good at this Mom thing, well sort of. My thoughts on Mother’s Day have also shifted over the years dependent on what stage of life I was in. We thought it would be fun to ask other moms out […]

Motivation for Moms!

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On my last birthday, I got one of the best and most thoughtful gifts from two of my daughters. Molly (14) and Delaney (5) worked together and handed me a bunch of envelopes that I was instructed to open when appropriate. As a Mom, sometimes I am tired (ok, basically all the time), and sometimes […]

Scheduling in Family Fun Activities: Colleen’s Corner   

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I was recently speaking on a panel to other women who too are trying to manage the chaos with work and life. I shared one of my life hacks that spurred a discussion. As a busy woman with a family and a business, I do indeed schedule family fun activities. It is shocking coming out […]

My Word of the Year Is… : Colleen’s Corner

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I have declared my Word of the Year! Have you picked your word of the year yet for 2016? I have, and this year it is going to be….. FOCUS! So, when I go off on a tangent, which I tend to do, please bring me back. I know I have a “busy brain” and […]

Just Do It: Colleen’s Corner

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It’s that time again – a brand new year. YES! I always love a new year, as it causes me to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the future. And while I believe every day is a new opportunity for a new beginning, there is something special about starting a new year. […]

Gifting our Children Roots and Wings: Colleen’s Corner

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I remember when I was a young parent with “just” a baby. A friend with older children mentioned that his job was to give his kids “Roots and Wings”. I had always heard this expression, but its meaning never really sank in until I was a parent myself and I did some researching and I’m grateful […]

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