Here’s a smile for the world to see

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We’re all about the smiles at Baby Be Hip so we encourage everyone to add just a few more smiles each day because it not only improves another person’s day, but it will improve yours as well.  Sometimes it only takes a smile to brighten your day. Little acts of kindness can go a long way […]

Everything You Do Is Right Day

Everything You Do is Right Day!

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We all need one of these days, “Everything You Do is Right Day!” Well, today is your lucky  day. Give yourself a pat on the back for all the amazing achievements and accomplishments you have done already today. Today, March 16, 2017 is #everythingyoudoisrightday. Today is a better day than yesterday which was Everything You […]

Baby Be Hip Roundup of Super Bowl Football Party Ideas

Football Party Ideas for Super Bowl Sunday

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As game day quickly approaches, you’re probably looking for some new ideas to spruce up this year’s get together. We’ve put together a few more ideas to freshen up the decorations and food…   SIMPLE & EASY DECORATIONS If you’ve been chosen as host/hostess for game day, there are a million easy DIY projects and affordable decorations on […]


5 Simple Tips for Creating the Life You Want (even when things aren’t easy)

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It’s 2017 and it’s time for us all to move our lives forward and in the direction we want. I have written the 5 Simple Tips for Creating the Life You Want even when things aren’t easy. We all have challenges and hardships and sometimes life is really exhausting. I get it, I’ve been there. […]

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Wellness is my Word of the Year for 2017

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Declaring my Word for 2017: Wellness It’s that time of the year again– time to declare your word of the year! I just declared mine and this year it is Wellness.  I hope you’ll do it too, if you haven’t. It’s fun, trust me.  I’ve been doing this publicly for the past few years and […]

Our Customers’ Best Tips & Words of Wisdom for New Parents

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Nobody gives better parenting advice than parents themselves. We gathered some of the best tips and words of wisdom for new parents from our Baby Be Hip customers collected through the years below. What do you think? What would you add to the list? Trust Your Instincts “As a first time Mom, I was so […]

Motivation for Moms!

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On my last birthday, I got one of the best and most thoughtful gifts from two of my daughters. Molly (14) and Delaney (5) worked together and handed me a bunch of envelopes that I was instructed to open when appropriate. As a Mom, sometimes I am tired (ok, basically all the time), and sometimes […]

My Word of the Year Is… : Colleen’s Corner

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I have declared my Word of the Year! Have you picked your word of the year yet for 2016? I have, and this year it is going to be….. FOCUS! So, when I go off on a tangent, which I tend to do, please bring me back. I know I have a “busy brain” and […]

Just Do It: Colleen’s Corner

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It’s that time again – a brand new year. YES! I always love a new year, as it causes me to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the future. And while I believe every day is a new opportunity for a new beginning, there is something special about starting a new year. […]

Gifting our Children Roots and Wings: Colleen’s Corner

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I remember when I was a young parent with “just” a baby. A friend with older children mentioned that his job was to give his kids “Roots and Wings”. I had always heard this expression, but its meaning never really sank in until I was a parent myself and I did some researching and I’m grateful […]

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