We’re all about the smiles at Baby Be Hip so we encourage everyone to add just a few more smiles each day because it not only improves another person’s day, but it will improve yours as well.  Sometimes it only takes a smile to brighten your day. Little acts of kindness can go a long way in the case of changing a stranger’s not so great day into a slightly more cheery one. Even looking at a new happy baby can make a difference to how we respond. That is why, we at Baby Be Hip are here to always make you smile. Let’s try to spread that kindness around the world!

In 1963, Commercial Artist Harvey Ball had an idea to create a symbol of good will and cheer on the planet: The Smiley. A symbol in which we all recognize to this day – a bright yellow smile that has even reached our smartphones. Harvey’s initial intent began to lose its momentum in the new industry due to over commercialization of such an iconic image. Inspired with a new concept that could make people rethink the way we all interact with one another, he created The World Smile Foundation. He believed that we should unite for one day and promote our smiles and acts of kindness throughout the world.


smile it matters

World Smile Day® is a social day and millions of us dedicate quite a bit of time to social media, so let’s add a bit of extra kindness and get more people involved. We are asking people to take a selfie on Friday,  October 6th, holding a sign that states “World Smile Day is coming Oct. 6th 2017” or “Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile.” After taking your selfie, post it to your Facebook and Twitter using #worldsmileday and #babybehip so we can see how many people we can reach!

Here is a list of ways to spread some happiness:

  • selfies with smiley masks
  • visiting nursing homes
  • hospital events
  • good deeds
  • sending smile cards/ecards
  • smiley flash mob
  • meals for homeless
  • saying hello to a stranger

For more information about World Smile Day, check out their website


Happy World Smile Day! Want to read more about smiling? Check out a previous blog on the importance of smiling.