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At Baby Be Hip, we love partnering with bright, energetic people who have something to share. That could be YOU!

Our audience is made up of moms and moms-to-be from all walks of life, and we welcome the chance to collaborate with you on cross promotions, reviews, giveaways, guest blogging, and more. Have an idea, let's chat. We are really friendly here and believe in the spirit of helping each other out! Let's do this if it is a good fit! 

So here's a little bit about us. Baby Be Hip has been celebrating new babies everywhere for 14 years! Parents think long and hard about the perfect name for their new baby so we showcase the baby's name on personalized baby items that the new parents will love and use! Yes, it's that simple. Colleen is the Founder and is now a Mother of 4 (one who happens to have special needs), so it is her mission to keep our products fun, fabulous and of course functional because there's only so much room for stuff! So, we want our gifts to be used and loved! And we make gift giving easy with free gift packaging and handwritten note (yes, no typed out note on a packing slip) and we will email the customer a picture of their order before it ships. We know people are busy so we want the gift to be unique, special and high quality. 

So, yes, we sell baby gifts but we also blog about parenting and the highs and lows that come with that. We try to keep it real but also with a little inspiration. No body likes a Debbie Downer. Colleen blogs under Colleen's Corner on our blog but we also  blog about crafts, DIY, inspirational pieces, cool finds, fun things to do with kids and so much more. We are totally open to guest bloggers if it's a good fit and love to blog on other sites too. 

Here are some examples of great bloggers, orgnizations and companies we’ve collaborated with in the past:

Jen creates amazing keepsakes over at Once Upon a Time Creation that we couldn’t wait to share with our audience: Here's our blog on Jen's great business and how she turns personalized keepssakes into something beautiful.  

Gina from Embracing Imperfect did a Baby Be Hip personalized bucket review for her daughter here on her website.

Baby Be Hip is a partner with local non-profit organization, Cradles to Crayons, who we love. It is there mission to help low income families in need of essentials for young babies and children. Read more here.  

If you have an idea on how we can work together, send us a message and let’s talk!  Please put "Blogger Outreach" in the subject title. 

Thanks for reading!

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