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Product Specific Feedback:

  • I received a set of these burp cloths as a gift for my new baby and it’s now one of my go to gifts for my friends. Thanks for making a quality product. -Bailey, Hoboken, NJ
  • So my “go-to” baby gift for years has been the personalized burp cloths…and now I’m a new mommy myself and I have received them as gifts already!!!! They really are fabulous!!!! It’s nice to be on the receiving end of your wonderful products :) -Marcy, East Northport, NY 
  •  I love your personalized burp cloths! After receiving one as a gift when my first daughter was born 3 years ago, I have purchased them for my family and friends numerous times. I recently had another baby girl and am purchasing for myself this time! I can’t wait to see it!!! -Angela, Carteret, NJ
  • Thank you so much!! I had boy/girl twins in March and also received personalized burp clothes, bib and towels. It was the greatest gift that I received as they are now 6 months and I still use them every day. Out of all the gift sets that I received, Baby Be Hip also had the nicest packaging. I remember crying when I opened the ribboned box and saw their names. It was very special so I know my friend will love it. -Linda, NY, NY
  • I just received The Weekender Gift set as a gift for my third child and I love it! What a great way to start the summer! Thanks!! — Heather, Willow Grove, PA
  • I LOVE the 2 tone ladybug on the canvas bag!!!! It will make a very beautiful gift. Thank you so much.
  • Well you are my favorite gift!! I swear if any of my friends is having or just had a new baby I come straight to your site and order. For both of my sons your burp cloths were my very favorite (look great and super soft!) and in the bucket it is just such an impressive gift. Thank you so much… Don’t stop making them!!!
  • Great stuff!!! Your burp cloths and bibs are now my signature baby gift!!! I have a few friends who are expecting- so you will be hearing from me!!! Everyone I give them to- love them!!!! 
  • I recently ordered two of your monogrammed blankets for my nieces’ new babies. Just wanted to let you know that they were so pleased, with the softness, color, monogram and said the packaging was so sweet. As I live 800 miles from them, I was thrilled with their satisfaction, and wanted to let you know you can count me as another one of your many satisfied customers. 
  • Love love love it! This is the first time I got the name and initial design. Pat, Carmel, NY
  • I received the same personalized baby basket in October for my son and I love everything. I will continue to order these baby baskets.   They are an awesome gift! - Darlene,  Holyoke, MA
  • Perfection! Just wanted to say how special the package was! Not only was the monogrammed widgeon coat perfectly done, the details in the wrapping made it beyond compare. Thanks for doing such a great job, right down to the bow on the box!
  • I just wanted to let you know that I received my personalized bibs today and couldn’t been any more pleased with them! They are absolutely precious. Thank you so much for your detail and presentation
  • Baby Be Hip’s personalized embroidered burp cloths are my #1 gift to give! I give them to all of my friends and family who welcome a new little one. This is the best baby item — my daughters love theirs and even sleep with them at night as their woobie! Thank you Baby Be Hip!
  • My cousin recently sent me a monogrammed tote bag and set of burp cloths for my baby girl and they are by far my favorite gifts I’ve received since she was born six weeks ago. I just checked out your website and will certainly be using your company for beautiful baby gifts in the future!

 Customer Service:

  • We received personalized burp cloths for our daughter Sara from Baby Be Hip. I love them. They’re the right size, soft and too cute with the colorful rim and her name on it. Since she won’t outgrow them anytime soon, we’ll be able to have them for a long time. I thought they’d make the perfect gift for my brother as well as a friend, who both became dads recently. The ordering process was easy and flawless. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a picture of my order – I’ve never seen this done before and it’s really a nice touch! -Friederike, NY, NY
  • Thank you Colleen. I just wanted to tell you I received the burp clothes as a gift for my daughter Riley and I absolutely LOVE them. Two of my friends just had babies and I’ve sent it to both of them. Going forward I’ll be ordering these for anyone I know that has a baby! I just received a shipment notification for one of the gifts along with a picture of the product. I can’t tell you how much more this made me like your product and company! Thank you!! — Rose, Blauvett, NY
  •  I love it and so will William (and family). We loved our gift for baby Claire last summer and are so excited to be able to give a Baby Be Hip gift as well. Thanks for the wonderful customer-focused care! -Debbie, Weston, MA
  • Thank you so much for this beautiful gift…so special and will always be cherished. I appreciate your prompt service…will certainly recommend to all!– Megan, Morristown, NJ
  • Thank you Colleen I appreciate your assistance. You have a beautiful product and great customer service and that is why I keep coming back to purchase more. You make me look like a star!
  • Just wanted to mention that I learned of your company from a friend of mine that sent me personalized burp cloths a year & a half ago & I LOVE them. They are so adorable. Ever since then, I’ve been telling everyone about your company. Now I’ll be singing your praises even more! I can’t believe you wrote & called me –such great service.
  • I was very impressed with my whole shopping experience. The website was easy to use and had great pictures. I was especially thrilled with the quick delivery of my purchase and the nice presentation. The items were for myself, but I could have easily given them as a gift exactly the way I received them.

  • I have been extremely pleased with the gift items I have purchased. The quality and workmanship are very nice. I have ordered several times on different occasions and the customer service is the best! Everyone I sent gifts to raved about them.

  • I loved my Baby Be Hip order, it was precious! But, most importantly, I loved the customer service, the follow-up with pictures and the quick delivery of my gift to my friend. She loved the gift for her baby girl and I did too! -Kathleen, NY, NY 

  • I received prompt notices about the status of my order. The items I ordered arrived in gift boxes with cute pink and polka dot ribbon, they were beautiful. I will definitely order from baby be hip again!!!

Preview Picture of Your Completed Order:
  • How fabulous!!! I just love them. What a great idea to send a picture of the order, you always wonder what your online purchases look like. Thank you for taking the time to share them with me. I received personalized burp clothes from Baby Be Hip as a gift when my daughter was born and they were by far my favorite gift! Thank you for your beautiful work and your magnificent customer service. Sincerely, Nicole, Somers, NY

  • Nice touch that you sent me a picture, they came out beautiful. I will certainly continue to do business with you! Thank you! — Janet, Rockville Center, NY

  • Thank you so much for sending the photos of my orders! So many times I order and send directly to the recipient and I never get to see the finished product! This is a GREAT feature that you now offer. I’ve been ordering from you for years now and it was such a great surprise to see this!! Thanks again.. I have (and will continue) to refer you to my friends and family!! — Jennifer, Jefferson Valley, NY

  • This looks great!!! I cannot wait for my GF’s lil girl to get this!! Your customer service has been top notch!! Thanks!! — Rachel, Whitestone, NY

  • Omg…beautiful! Thank you so very much for the photo …what great customer service. I will refer to many friends!!! — Meghan, Garden City, NY

  •  Looks amazing as usual...my favorite gift to send new moms.  Thank you!  Have a wonderful weekend.  - Jennifer, Basking Ridge, NJ

  • Looks so great. Thank you for sending the picture. It’s such a nice touch. -Bethann, Summit, NJ 

  • Omg! So cute! They are so going to love it!! Thank you!! Look forward to getting it when we get home from Florida! Thanks again! Great work. -Laura, Frisco, TX

  • Thank you SO much for the picture! The bags look great. I want to thank you for accommodating my special requests and helping me send beautiful gifts to friends. I our just can’t wait for our friends to receive their gifts. Everything looks so cute! They are going to love it! You all are awesome! -Sarah, Fairfield, C

  • Thank you! One of the reasons I always order my baby gifts from Baby Be Hip is because you send the pictures before they are mailed :-) -Frani, Yankton, SD

  • They look great! Thank you so much for the picture. I love it! Thanks again! I just placed another order this morning. You make the best burp cloths around! -Melissa, Winnetka, IL 

  • That is perfection! I so appreciate the photo since this is a gift being sent directly to the recipient. Such an added touch of professionalism. I also ordered these for my new baby Grayson who is due next week. We were given these as a gift when our first son was born, and we loved them so much. Thank you for your beautiful work. –Amy, Holbrook, MA

  • Omg!! I love it!! I am so excited – it came out even better than expected!! LOVE!! Thank you for sending a picture. I’m so happy seeing it since its going directly to my friend. I will definitely be purchasing gifts from you guys again. Thank you for the fabulous customer service. Best, Cayla, Coral Gables, FL

  • Thank you so much for sending the picture of the bags. Sending a gift and getting to see what it looks like is a nice idea. They look great!!! I really appreciate all your help throughout this order and definitely will be purchasing and recommending baby be hip!! Best,Sharon, Lake Worth, FL

  • What a nice touch to send a photo! I’m now your biggest fan. – Marcia, El Dorado Hills, CA

  • Beautiful! This is why I keep ordering from you :) Thank you so much! – Sari, Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • Love it!!! So nice of you to send a photo- a great extra touch of customer service!!!! – Sara, Wallingford, PA

  • What a nice touch sending the pic to me! Great job as always : ). Your stuff makes the perfect gift. — Nancy, Hoboken, NJ

Even Men like Baby Gifts from Baby Be Hip:
  • My order just arrived today. As always, everything was absolutely darling! Even my husband (who doesn’t notice much) commented on what a “cool” gift it was. I am sure our friends will love it too.

  • Top Notch. I’ve ordered from Baby be Hip multiple times and have never been disappointed. More importantly the persons who received these gifts were very impressed with the quality of the product. As a man I just assumed a burp cloth was a burp cloth…….not so. I soon learned the difference and these cloths are excellent!! Add to this the personal touch service and it just makes the buying experience that much more enjoyable.

  • Great concept…adding the pictures. It’s a pleasure to deal w/ someone who takes pride in their business and strives to provide better service. – John, Pearl River, NY

  • Thanks Colleen for the pic and the follow-up. My team member really loved it! Mike, Pleasanton, CA

  • Really appreciate the picture. Everything looks even more beautiful than expected. Thank you so much. Can’t wait for our granddaughter to receive them. Will definitely be coming back to your site for future orders! – Paul, Sonoma, CA

 Corporate Baby Gifts:

  •  Hi Colleen, I just received your thank you card in the mail. I appreciate your note and the quality of your products. I do trust that you will deliver a quality gift to our clients. I use you for our corporate baby gifts because I received a package from our aunt to celebrate the birth of our baby boy Donald.I typically would send flowers to our new parents but for the same price, I can send them some of your products that will be useful as well as a keepsake. -Mary, Jacksonville, FL
  • Terrific – thanks so much … appreciate your help.  Love your products!!  Perfect for office baby showers! Lea, Elkton, MD
  • Thank you so much! This is for a client so I will pass the pic along to my colleagues. Really appreciate it! -Cara, Larchmont, NY
  • I love your stuff! I originally heard about your company when I received a personalized burp cloth & bib from a friend of mine who lives in DC when my son was born in 2010. Since then, your company is the first idea that comes to mind when we need to send any gifts out to clients and any personal baby gifts I need for family & friends. They’re always a huge hit!! -Danielle, Westlake, OH
  • Colleen, the Mason burp cloths were a gigantic hit!!! The mom was especially complimentary on the quality of the cloth. I also had Don place an order for a new niece. He was quite delighted with the website and all your products… Also, we have numerous managers preparing for babies in the next several months, so look for orders from my company. – Celine, Rockledge, PA
  • I love your stuff and only get positive feedback from our clients so keep up the good work!— Patricia, Tarrytown, NY
  • Our employees are important to us and I wanted to find gifts that would be both memorable and special. Each Baby Be Hip gift has been a real success! The quality of the materials and the workmanship used in the crafting the items is terrific! The Baby Be Hip gifts made our employees feel appreciated–mission accomplished!” -Liz Smith, VP of Human Resources, Alliance Global Services, LLC

 Long Time Customers Tell Us:

  • I have been ordering from Baby Be Hip for several years. My go too item is always the burp cloths. They are beautiful and wear well. It was only after I had my own grandchildren and realized that having decorative burp cloths especially when going out is essential. I will usually add something with them etc name bucket or bibs or outfits or clothes. I need not shop anywhere else when one of my friends add new member to their family. Thanks for bringing such beautiful gifts to us to welcome our little new additions. -Gail, Bethpage, NY
  • I received these personalized burp cloths for my first son Noah from a a friend in Maryland. My son is now 10. I also received for my younger who is 5. And I still have them and use at the gym and yoga and get tons of compliments. I ordered for my sister Marci, her sons are now 6 and 9!!! And we've been sending these to all our friends with babies since. We love them and wouldn't shop anywhere else for burp cloths!!! Thanks again. Carrie - Carrie, Scottsdale, AZ
  • I’m quite a loyal customer of Baby Be Hip. It’s my go to baby gift, and all my recipients love it! -Irina, NY, NY

  • Your gifts are always such a hit! I have another order coming too :) -Dana, Highland Park, IL

  • I have used Baby Be Hip for every baby gift I have given for the last seven years….ever since I was given a gift from BBH. They are the most beautiful, well made gifts ever! Each Mom who receives something from BBH is in love with the products. I have had so many moms say they want to frame them, they are so beautiful. The personalization makes them so very special. Thank you BBH! -Mindy, San Francisco, CA

  • Hi! I wanted to tell you I received the nicest email from friends regarding the gift I recently sent them from you. I received my first gift 9 years ago from my cousin … (I think you know her) it has always been hands down my favorite gift! I think by my third baby I ordered them for myself (everyone was done sending gifts by the 3rd child!!). Well 9 years and counting and your products are STILL a huge hit! Thank you so much!! — Devon, Holland, PA

  • Thanks so much!! I loved my first batch of gifts! I just had a son, Jack last week so I couldn’t resist getting Jack something too!! Thanks!!! – Casey, NY, NY

  •  I must tell you that I was so impressed with your merchandise when I received it as a gift that I continue to send it to others as gifts. The quality is excellent and your selection and work are fantastic. I have received many thank you’s and compliments on your beautiful gifts which, I hope, has encouraged others to do the same as I have. Thank you for creating such unique pieces that make gift giving so easy yet personal. I wish continued success!!

  • As always, Baby Be Hip has provided exemplary service and product. I’ve been using Baby Be Hip for several years, and in all that time I’ve never been disappointed and have only created a long line of happy parents!

  • Hi Colleen – The four sets of Burp Cloths I recently ordered from you were such a hit at the shower! My daughter, Nicole, and I are convinced you have the most unique new baby gift for a new Mom around! They were such a hit. I am sending business your way. Several of my friends needed your e-mail. The names were all perfect – even the gift wrapping was perfect! Thanks so much – you will be hearing from me again I can assure you!

  • Baby Be Hip is one of the best sites for baby gifts. I have ordered from this site more than 20 times. The quality and service provided are exceptional. I would highly recommend it. Sincerely – A very happy customer.

  • Hi Baby Be Hip-pers! I wanted to send a quick note to tell you how AWESOME you all are. This is my fourth round of burp cloths I’ve purchased for friends, and you guys continue to make the process smooth and easy. I love that you send email updates at each step of the process, and LOVE LOVE LOVE that you include a photo of the order. Your customer service is outstanding and the product is flawless, not to mention the incredibly fast turn-around time. I was fortunate enough to receive the burp cloths when my son was born a year ago, and I will continue to buy them for all of my friends and their new babies. (Another friend is due any day and Baby Be Hip will be my first stop!) — Megan, Cary, NC

  •  Looks perfect, you guys are fast. These were always my favorite gift to receive with my kids so it’s become my regular gift for all new babies I know. Thank you – Deana, Glen Mills, PA

Product Quality:

  • I just received my fabulous burp cloths from my mother. I absolutely LOVE how they turned out! My mom had ordered some burp cloths 2 years ago from your company for my other son. I think that you may have slightly changed the cloth and have some different ribbon selections, whatever you did- they are AWESOME. Thanks! Looking forward to using them. 
  • Personalized product is appealing. The presentation is excellent. Service was extremely quick. Very happy with this merchant.
  • I just wanted to let you know, I’ve received your burp cloths as gifts on both of my kids and love them. Yours win hands down against some of your competitors cloths who I’ve also received! Thank You!
  • I’ve had a wonderful experience with Baby Be Hip. I’ve ordered the personalized and momogrammed burp cloths for new Mom friends and they’ve all asked me where I bought them because they are so adorable. Most Moms reply that they’re too nice to use! A lot of people monogram burp clothes, but the quality isn’t there. This is a gift that will be a favorite of all new parents. 
  • I have ordered three separate times and all three were a success. Each mother loved it. They are very nice and quality is great. Thank you. -Patricia, Houston, 
  • As always just GORGEOUS!!!!!! It is a baby shower gift for a family friend and I know the new Mommy will love it!!!!! -Suzanne, Lyndhurst, NJ 
  • Thank you so much, its perfect. I will continue to order from you. -Angela, Medford, NJ
  • Awesome, high end quality gift. My cousin just received the gift for her newborn and for the older sister. This has become my new favorite place for unique baby gifts. -Noreen, Pleasantville, NY

Great Feedback You Receive:

  •  Baby Be Hip Burp Cloths are my go-to gift when friends or family have a baby. The gifts are always well received. News moms love the personalized gift which is so useful.    Thanks for consistently making a fabulous product. I love the feedback I receive from new mom's when they call gushing because they've loved it so much. I recommend you  to everyone!!! Caroline, Facebook
  • I have to tell you I placed an order for my cousin back in September and I can’t tell you HOW GORGEOUS the baby gift set was!!!!! She loved it and she has people stopping her and asking her where she got her burp cloths!!!!!!! Great work! Have a Wonderful Holiday and a Happy and Healthy New Year. – Suzanne, New York, NY
  • Beautiful as always! I can’t wait to hear her feedback when she receives the burp cloths in the mail…she is going to squeal with glee! -Angela, Smyrna, GA
  • Outstanding service and product! My friends were delighted to receive the blanket with their child’s name on it. I’ll be using Baby Be Hip for baby gifts for years to come
 More Love Notes from Our Customers: 
  • All time favorite baby gift! These burp cloths are awesome and each thank you note I receive from having sent them to a new mom states the same thing…they are too pretty to use. One mom wrote that she wanted to frame them. They are fully functional and wash up great and everyone stops me to ask where I have gotten them. I just placed my 10th order. All my friends can’t wait to have a baby because they want the burp cloths. Also, check out the sibling tees! So cute and unique, just had my kid’s photos done for the grandparents on them. Amazing customer service and shipping, product always when you need it.
  • This is the second time we have ordered from baby be hip, and each time the experience has been wonderful. We received our personalized burp cloths within days of placing our order, which is pleasantly surprising because of the hand crafting involved. 

  • As always, thank you for your wonderful product and customer service! I use your burp cloths and other merchandise for new babies all the time! You simply can’t go wrong with such sweet and practical gifts.

  • Very efficient service and excellent quality! Great gift ideas! I would recommend this company to anyone. Thanks!

The Baby Be Hip Team:
  • Patti, Thank you SO much. You all are the absolute best to work with!  Lindsey, Bethesda, MD
  • You are the nicest people to deal with! -Linda, Mendham, NJ
  • So cute. You guys always do such a great job. -Nicole, Riverside, IL
  • SO adorable, thank you!!! You guys are wonderful! I am a first time customer and will definitely use you again in the future. -Kristen, Lafayette, CA
  •  Colleen, it is beautiful and my friend is going to love it!! Thank you so much! You and your team do amazing work! -Jackie, NY, NY
  • Adorable!!! You guys are the best!!! Thank you. -Allison, Beverley Hills, CA
  • Colleen & BBH Friends -Thank you so much for sending this! What a wonderful surprise, and a great way to see a gift that is going out! I am sure that Emily and Nick, and baby Graham will surely enjoy these! Congratulations on all the great things that are happening at Baby Be Hip! -Amy, Urbandale, IA
  • Amazing! Love it. You guys are so great. I have to tell you, I recommend your site to everyone. (And as you can probably tell I send EVERY baby gift from you!) – Jennifer, NY, NY
  • Thanks so much Ladies!!!!!!!! Another Beautiful job as always!!!!!! I’m sure my cousin will love it!!!!!!!!! – Suzanne, Lyndhurst, NJ
  • Colleen, I just got my order in today’s mail. The burp cloths are beautiful as usual. Thanks. It’s a pleasure doing business with you! – Jeanne, Allison Park, PA
  • Very customer friendly and turn around time was quick. Adorable gift ideas with personalization options.
  • You guys are my new go to baby gift store! I have ordered two gifts in a week! Thanks for your attention to detail and professionalism! I’ll be sending more business your way soon I’m sure! -Anna, Durham, NC
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