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At Baby Be Hip, we promise you’ll always leave with a smile!

“What’s the baby's name?” That’s the question new parents get asked over and over. At Baby Be Hip, we’ve been helping new parents answer that question since 2002 by providing unique and beautiful personalized baby gifts that allow them to display the baby’s name with pride.  

By providing high-quality products and outstanding customer service, we aim to WOW! and delight each and every customer. Our gifts include a handwritten gift note and free gift packaging, we email you a picture of your order before it ships, and we send order updates every step of the way. You are in good hands with us!  We want to make gift giving easy for you while still sending the perfect baby gift to your favorite little ones. If we don't WOW you every time, please let us know! 

My first child Molly was my inspiration for the business.

When Molly was born, I was so proud of her and the name we had chosen that I wanted her name on everything. I couldn’t find cute personalized stuff, though, so I decided to start Baby Be Hip! That’s the short version of how Baby Be Hip came to be. Want to know more? There's a LOT more to the story below.


 We’ve come a long way from nights and naps! 

I was fortunate enough to be a SAHM (stay at home mom) with my first child, Molly. I was loving being her mom and being home with her, but after about 6-9 months I started getting a little antsy for something more for me. I've always been one with lots of energy and I remember not feeling quite fulfilled, so I was looking for something else. I knew I didn't want to go back to my corporate job but I wasn’t sure what to do. I debated whether to take $5,000 and invest it in the stock market or to use it to start a company. Guess which way I went? Yup, a company. I grew up in an entrepreneurial family where there was a lot of hustle and hard work and happiness, and I realized I had a burning desire to build something. So I started Baby Be Hip.

Molly was a baby that spit up A LOT, so I never had enough burp cloths. But I also wanted them to be stylish, fun and (of course) personalized. Molly was just about one when I decided to go for it and created Baby Be Hip. It started in my suburban Philadelphia basement with a single product, the ever-popular personalized burp cloths. I loved the idea of ordering online, because as a busy mom I realized how difficult it was to get a baby dressed and out the door, let alone go shopping for baby gifts. And while basic burp cloths are everywhere, it’s hard to find the perfect, stylish monogrammed burp cloths.

I started it as an online business because, quite honestly, I still wanted to be able to do my thing (for the most part) at home and not be tied to a brick-and-mortar store. When I started online back in 2002, most people didn't even know what an e-commerce store was and the majority of people still went out shopping for baby gifts. Can you believe that today? I knew there had to be a better way. I wanted to design the company for someone like me, a busy mom who wants to do it all online and know that the gift will be beautiful and well received. Over our nearly 16 years, we've grown out of my basement and actually moved a few times, and we are now in a 2,500-square foot facility in Horsham, Pennsylvania. I now have a handful of awesome employees, dozens of terrific products, and thousands of customers who I am grateful for every single day.  All of our items are personalized with love right here in the USA!

The business was a nights and naps business for many years and, fortunately, I have always had excellent employees to help run the day-to-day as my life ebbed and flowed. It's been quite a journey of motherhood with me; if you want to learn more about that be sure to read the Colleen's Corner section of the blog or come join me on my Be Bold, Be Brave, Be YOU! podcast.  Today I have four "relatively" healthy children all in school (yay!), so I have more time to devote to the business. And it's hard to believe Molly's 17 now (gulp)! Ok, truth be told, Ellie, my 3rd, has some pretty signficant special needs and we've been on quite a journey with her. But that's our new normal and as I say, "Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful." . 
The Mook Family

The things that matter most…

  • Being kind to each other is the premise of our tagline “Always Leave Them Smiling”. It is important that we are kind to each other, to each other at Baby Be Hip, to our customers, to our vendors and really to everyone. It's so much easier to smile than frown, and there is so much good that comes from a smile. 
  • Supporting others that are not as fortunate as us. Cradles to Crayons, a charity we have supported for years, is near and dear to our hearts here at Baby Be Hip. We are a drop-off location for gently used baby and children's items, which Cradles to Crayons pass along to families in need. You can learn more about what they collect and where you can drop things off here. Over the years we have supported a number of other charities and causes and we always try to help out when we can. We have even been told we are "a company with a conscience", a statement that makes me really happy! 
  • Lifting others up. We strongly believe in this philosophy, especially empowering women and young girls. 
  • Excellent customer service because you deserve only the very best! 
  • Beautiful baby gifts that are made especially for the special little ones in your life. 
Baby Be Hip Company Pledge: I Will Do My Best To... be consistent and reliable, under-promise and over-deliver, treat the business as my own, take initiative, admit when I make mistakes, always be improving, stay true to our vision, focus on execution, have fun at work and Alway Leave Them Smiiing!

And here are the people that make it all happen:

Meet the team that puts together each order from beginning to end!

Colleen Mook

 Founder  - circa 2002

After graudating from Villanova University in 1994, Colleen moved to Manhattan for her career as a reinsurance underwriter for Gen Re. She met and married her next door neighbor (remember the show, Friends?), Brad and life has been exciting ever since. Colleen launched Baby Be Hip in 2002 after leaving her corporate career to raise a family. Baby Be Hip and its products have been featured in national parenting magazines and on Good Morning America, and Colleen has appeared in various media, including The TODAY Show, for her accomplishments in building a successful brand while raising a family. Colleen has won several small business awards including: Make Mine a Million Dollar Business award,  Lifetime Moms Spark & Hustle award and SCORE/Sam’s Club National Giving Award. She recently completed the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program in Philadelphia. Colleen takes an active leadership role in her community by mentoring young women and other small business owners. She also shares her experiences with the special needs of her daughter, Ellie, and educating others about differences, respect and tolerance.  Colleen also recently launched her podcast, Be Bold, Be Brave and Be YOU! She is a frequent speaker and her favorite thing is inspiring others to create the life they want, even when things aren't easy. Colleen lives in Horsham, PA with her husband Brad and their four children, whom she regards as her greatest accomplishment. For more about Colleen and her podcast, click here. 

Patti Durkin

Embroiderer, Joined the team in 2012

Originally from: Atlantic City, NJ
Currently lives in: Abington, PA

Role at BBH: I am the embroiderer and responsible for making sure all of the embroidery is done beautifully for our customers.

When not working: I love to spend time with my first grandchild, a beautiful baby girl Claire, and just love watching her stretch and grow. She is just three months old right now.

I’ve also been busy making baby quilts for Claire and all my grandmom friends I know having their first grandchild. I love all of the HGTV shows. And I love country western music, especially Blake Sheldon.

Favorite song at the moment: Tim McGraw’s ‘Humble and Kind’

Fun Fact: I love to read mystery and suspense novels, especially James Patterson.

Lisa Allie

Graphic Designer, Joined the team in 2018

Originally from: Philadelphia, PA
Currently lives in: Wyncote, PA

Role at BBH: Design, social media, photography, marketing, production and helping on the embroidery machines when I can.

When not working: I am spending time with my twin sister. We are fraternal twins, but look very similar so you might be greeting the other one. I also enjoy church, music, movies, art, and cooking. If I'm not doing one of those things I will be learning something completely new like sewing or investing. Life is so full I want to enjoy it all. 

Words to live by: “Let's not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions."

Fun Fact: I love singing. I have been a background singer on 4 music albums.