Contact Information:

  • How can I contact Baby Be Hip?

You can call us at 717-740-6800. You can also reach us by email through our Contact Us page and we will get back to you asap. If you are local to the Horsham area, come by and see us. We are usually here Monday-Friday between 8:30-4:00. Our address is 460 Caredean Drive, Horsham, PA 19044.

  •  May I order by telephone?

Of course! Our phone number is 717-740-6800. We may not always be available to answer the phone, so feel free to leave a voicemail and we will get back to you asap.  We will call you back as soon as we can to answer any questions, take any necessary order information and/or to confirm your order. 


Account Information:

  • Should I set up an account with Baby Be Hip

Yes, we think so. Go for it! You will love having most of your information saved so next time shopping will be even easier. We don't save (or even see) your credit card, so you don't have to worry about that. If you want to take advantage of our shopping feature, Shipping to Multiple Locations, you must have an account set up. Once you have an account set up, you can see your previous orders so you know who you sent gifts to and what gift it was you ordered. It's a big time saver, trust us, and it only takes an extra minute to set up your account. It's worth it. Click here to set up Your Account. 

  •  What if I forgot my password?

Simply go here and a new one will be sent to your email address associated with it. Then you are in! Easy peezy!  Still having troubles, call us at 215.353.0550.

  • How come some of my old account info is wrong from before 2015?

We tried our best to migrate all of your account data over from our old website but there may be a few inconsistencies. Please know that ALL of your previous orders shipped to exactly who they were supposed to and everything was correct. We wanted to bring as much account history over as possible but there may be a few things that did not migrate over exactly. Again, just want to give you peace of mind. Thanks for understanding.

  •  I’d like to ship several gifts using the feature “Ship to Multiple Shipping Locations”? Why do I need to set up an account?

This feature is only available if you have an account. If you would like to order several baby gifts at one time and ship to different people/ addresses, when you go to check out, click “Ship to Multiple Locations” and it will make your life so much easier. This feature will then enable you to use the address book to add your various ship to locations. You can only access this with an account. When you use this feature, you only need to enter your credit card information one time. Each individual gift will generate a unique order number and it really works out wonderfully.

Free Gift Packaging:

  • What products qualify for the free gift wrapping?

You’re in luck! All embroidered products, unless specified, are beautifully packaged in our signature gift wrapping with a handwritten gift note. These items are usually in a white gift box with either a pink or blue polka dotted ribbon. So cute! Buckets and bucket gift sets are not gift boxed, but instead are packaged together in a clear plastic bag tied with a coordinating ribbon. All orders come with a handwritten gift note for that extra special touch.

  •  Is the gift note handwritten or will it be printed on the packing slip?

No notes on packing slips here. Only the best for you! Your gift note for the recipient will be handwritten on a small note card which is inserted prominently with the new baby gift.

 Ordering Information:

  •  What forms of payment are accepted?

Website orders require a credit card; we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Please be sure your billing address entered matches the billing address on file with your bank. It matters. We also accept Paypal.  If you wish to pay by check, place your order through the Contact Us page or telephone (215-353-0550) and we will process the order once we receive your check.

  •  Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, you can find them on the Gift Certificate page under Gifts by Product. We offer gift certificates for $50, $75, $100, $150, $200, or $250 and they can be either shipped or emailed to you.

  •  What is Baby Be Hip’s return policy?

Customer satisfaction is important to us, so we’ll accept product returns on most non-personalized products in as-new condition within 30 days. Contact us by email in advance to discuss the circumstances of the return and receive instructions. We hope you’ll understand that all sales are final on personalized items. Here's more about our return policy. 

  •  Will you send me a picture of my order before it ships out?

Yes, of course we will. The email will come from alwayssmiling AT so make sure we are on the approved list. Sometimes, it may go into a spam filter. You want to be sure you receive these emails as these are fun ones to receive. You’ll be able to see what the recipient will be receiving in a few short days! 

  •  Where’s the picture of my order?

If you have already received tracking information for your order, please check in your spam folder as our email ships from alwayssmiling AT and sometimes they filter there. If you still haven’t received it, please call us at 215.353.0550 or email us. Please wait at least one hour after you received tracking information to reach out. Usually, you will receive the emailed image of your baby gift before tracking information is sent. The images are usually in your spam folder, sadly!! We want you to smile so go find it.

  •  Can you rush an order for me?

Orders will usually arrive within a week or two, though our turnaround is generally quicker. If you need an order sewn and shipped ASAP, email or call us to see if we can accommodate your needs. If you wish to rush your order, there is a $10 surcharge fee and rates for overnight shipping can cost anywhere from $30-50 dollars, depending on the shipping destination and package weight. We will do our very best to accommodate you so you get the gift you need when you need it.

  •  Do you include any receipt or invoices with the gifts?

We never include a receipt, invoice, or any pricing information with any of our gifts, regardless if they are being shipped to the buyer or as a gift to another recipient. The only invoice that you will see is on the Order Confirmation page where your order and prices are detailed. 

  •  When I go to check out, should I click Secure Checkout to Multiple Addresses or not?  

If you are only shipping one gift, it is not necessary. You should chose “Secure Checkout” for a quicker checkout if you are shipping one gift. This feature is used if you are going to ship multiple baby gifts to several different locations (2 or more). If you do click to Ship to Multiple Addresses even for one location, there is no harm in doing that but you will need to set up an account.

  •  How do I know my order went through on the website?

After you place your order on the website and hit “Checkout”, you should be immediately directed to an Order Confirmation page that details your order, which means your order has gone through properly. Then, when we process your order, we send a confirmation e-mail to let you know your order has been processed and is started. If you don’t receive either of these, your order has not gone through properly and we ask that you contact us at alwayssmiling AT to ensure that your order will get completed.  Before you do that, please check your spam folder. Sometimes, the order updates are filtered out and it is there. If you do not receive a confirmation request, call us so we can see if we have it at 215.353.0550. Usually, if you don’t receive an order confirmation, your order didn’t successfully go through. 

Product Questions:

  • Are your products sewn in the USA? 

All of our products are embroidered and personalized in our office in Horsham, PA. We like to say they are “personalized with love” right here in the USA. Additionally, we gift wrap the items, package, and ship all items from our Horsham, PA office. Many of the items we personalize are brought in from all over the world and we monogram them here and then package them with lots of love and care! The buckets are manufactured in the USA too as well as personalized here at Baby Be Hip.

  •  What is the difference between personalized and monogrammed?

A personalized gift features the baby’s first name (see Set of 3 Personalized Burp Cloths for an example). A monogrammed gift features the baby’s initials in the order of: initial of first name (on the right), initial of last name (larger and in the center), and initial of middle name (on the left). See Set of 3 Monogrammed Burp Cloths for an example of a monogrammed gift.

  •  I click to “See All Ribbons” and I can’t select the ribbon I want to order? Why is that?

Sometimes, we are out of stock with a particular ribbon. We will make it available as soon as possible. Sorry about that.

  •  How come not every font is available for every gift?

Not all fonts are available for all gift sets for several reasons. Sometimes, the font is not available for the set up that you chose. For example, some fonts are only for monogrammed initials (not names). Some fonts, we do not offer because they do not look the best for the gift set too. There are plenty of wonderful fonts available though. If you have a suggestion for a new font, please let us know. If there is a font you really want but you can’t select it, please call us and we can see what we can do. We aim to please. Call us at 215.353.0550

  •  I ordered a personalized gift and it does not look like the picture on the website. Why is this?

Because of the personalization, each gift will vary in appearance. Depending on the length of the name and the font chosen, the name will look differently on each product, which adds to the unique quality of the gifts! When you are thinking about a font, be sure to look at the font page and you can see all the characters so you can envision the name with each character. Every letter is a little different in each font. If we don’t think something will look good in the font you chose for that name, we usually will call you or email you. We want the gifts to look just as beautiful as you do!

  • What are the monogram font options?
          We have 11 font options to choose from. You can find them here to view examples.
Coupon or Discount Codes
  • Do I need a coupon code for Free Shipping over $75 anymore? 

No, you don't! Yay! We are happy to announce that Free Shipping will automatically come off at checkout if the amount of product you ordered is $75 or greater per single location after coupons!  If you are shipping to multiple addresses, the amount needs to be $75 or over and then it will automatically come off. No code necessary! It is not the sum of your order if you are shipping to multiple locations.

  •  Can I use two coupon codes in my order?

We only allow one coupon code per order, so only one code is able to be applied during your order checkout. Sorry, but we really need to follow this policy. You do now automatically get Free Shipping if your product ordered after discounts is over $75.

  •  Do you offer any other specials?

All the time! In addition to regularly putting items on sale, we also offer exclusive deals for those that follow us through our email list, Facebook page or Twitter page. Come check us out.

 Shipping Information:

  • How are shipping charges calculated?

We charge a flat shipping rate of $7 per destination on all orders shipping within the United States. If you are shipping internationally, you will be charged an additional amount for shipping costs. Orders that are shipping to a single location and exceed $75 before shipping and sales tax (if applicable) will receive free shipping (woo-hoo!). For orders shipping to multiple locations, each order with a product purchase total of $75 or more shipping per location/address does automatically qualify for free shipping. No coupon code needed. 

  •  Do I need to use a coupon code to get Free Shipping if my product sub-total is over $75?

No need any longer! Yes.  The shipping charge will automatically come off your order.

  •  I’m local to your shop, can I avoid shipping charges and pick up in Horsham?

Of course, you can. You can order online and rather than put in an address, click “Local Pick-Up” and then you will not be charged shipping and we will email your order when it is ready. We love to see our customers in real life!

  •  Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally if you wish. We ship US Global Priority. The rate for international shipping is based on the weight of the package and shipping destination; we will charge you the actual international shipping fee plus a $10 surcharge fee. Rates for international shipping usually cost anywhere from $40-80 dollars, depending on the shipping destination. If you wish to ship internationally, feel free to call us at 215-353-0550 or e-mail us at alwayssmiling AT babybehip DOT com. We do ship Global Priority Mail so that it is insured and there is tracking. We know it is expensive so you can always ship it to yourself and then ship First Class International as a cheaper alternative.

  •  What Shipping Method do you use?

We usually use US Priority Mail for the majority of our gifts. The items are tracked and depending on location arrive usually in 1-3 days. We do ship from Pennsylvania and the closer you are to us, generally, the quicker your package will arrive. Priority Mail does not guarantee the shipping times though so know it is an estimate. For example, even though shipping to CA should really only be 3 days, I tell people to allow 5 business days and hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised. If you do need expedited shipping, call us and we can ship it Overnight Express but know there is a cost associated with it. We will do our best to get your order out asap, if you let us know you need it by a certain date.

  •  What if a gift I ordered was never delivered to the recipient?

We have tracking numbers for each package that goes out, and are able to look up the location of the package. Sometimes, a notice is left for the recipient to pick it up at the post office if packages are not left at the addresses.  If a package is left unclaimed, the post office will hold it at the post office and the recipient can pick it up.  However, after a period of time, the package may be sent back to us at Baby Be Hip. Once we receive it we will contact you, and we are happy to re-send it (with additional shipping cost of $7) to a different address so we can ensure delivery.

  •  The package said it was delivered but I haven’t heard from the recipient?

Remember that you are sending a new baby gift to some tired parents.  You can check the tracking information to see if it was delivered. We’ve heard from lots of parents that sometimes they don’t open their gifts right away and sadly, they don’t always get their thank you’s and thank you notes out as quickly as they should. And yes, sometimes they are even embarrassed that it took so long but they do LOVE the gift. We are happy to call the recipient to check in to make sure they received the gift from you too. But we do rely on the tracking information as we do pay up for US Priority Mail and they have been very accurate over 15 years of shipping this way.

Wrong Spelling of My Baby’s Name:

  • I received a gift but the spelling is wrong. What can I do?

Oh no! We hate when that happens but it does, occasionally. First, let us know and we will do a little investigating. If the error was done by Baby Be Hip, we apologize and we will send you out another gift with the correct spelling. You can keep the others. If the customer who was gifting it to you made the mistake, we can handle it a few ways. Baby Be Hip will confirm that we did what they requested (and they are asked to confirm the personalization before they order, for this reason). If we do what was ordered, we have fulfilled our customer's request and there is nothing else we can do for free. But we will work with you. Sometimes customers assume the baby's name is going to be spelt one way or the new parents change the name or it is a type-o. Things happen.  If it is the gift givers error, we can re-do them for you at 30% off if you really want the gift without alerting the gift giver. Then you'll get the correct spelling on your gift at a discount and keep the others. Or, if you would prefer, we can reach out to the gift giver and let them know the spelling is wrong as we learned from you and see if they want to re-purchase them for you at the 30% discount. Now, not many folks want us to do this, I get it, it's a bit awkward but we will. Or you can just opt to keep the items and use them and say, "That's ok, I'll keep what I have and it's the thought that counts."  Thanks for understanding our policy!

  •  If I make a mistake in the spelling of the name and the order has already been completed, what's next?

We hate when this happens, so we do our best to work with you. As an added check, we do have the customer confirm the spelling of the name before the order is placed as a double check. But, we know mistakes happen so we want to work with you. So, here's our policy. If it is a mistake on the customer’s part, we are able to re-do the order at 30% off of our retail price so that it is corrected. If a name is spelled incorrectly and it is an error on our part, we will re-do the order for you at no cost because hey, it's our mistake. There is no need to send the wrong items back because of the unique nature of the product, it is really difficult to re-sell personalized and unique gifts made just for you. I hope you understand.

Product Care Instructions:

  • How should I care for my personalized burp cloths?

Our personalized burp cloths are made out of diaper cloth material and are meant to be as functional as possible. After each washing they will lose the initial “crisp” look, becoming more absorbent for all that spit up and they will have a more “quilted” look. They also will, as a result, shrink a bit as they are made from cotton. To have the smoother looking and crisper look, customers have recommended ironing them or taking them out of the dryer right away and folding them. If you don't want them to shrink, don't dry them but we know that's nearly impossible with a little one and they become more absorbent, that way too. Washing the burp cloths on a cold water setting is preferred to preserve the patterns on the ribbons. If you love the look out of the box, do NOT wash it. Some people choose to use the burp cloths as a keepsake, even framing them, so they can preserve the clean and crisp appearance of the burp cloths. However, we suggest using the burp cloths as their intent is to be functional, absorbent, and a fabulous new mom essential. Here's to "spitting up in style." 

  •  How should I care for my satin trim blanket?

These blankets are usually kept as keepsakes so we ask that you wash these blankets, as needed, but not too much. The satin trim is very delicate and should be washed on a delicate cycle on its own or with like materials. Please do NOT wash with velcro or other materials that could harm the satin trim. The temperature should be cold water too and tumble dry on delicates, as well.   Satin can be prone to wrinkling, as well. While it is not safe to put the iron directly on the satin, it can be ironed with a blanket or towel separating the iron from the material. Put the iron on the lowest setting possible and work quickly to cut the risk of damaging this delicate material.  And please note that if this blanket is used more frequently, the satin is prone to snags so just be extra careful with this beautiful keepsake blanket.