Aug 24th 2019

One of the most exciting parts of being pregnant (besides the baby!) is sharing the good news with all of your family and friends! For some couples, a straightforward and traditional approach is how they choose to tell their loved ones the news, but more recently couples have started to have a more little fun with their big announcement!

If you already have a child, dress them in one of Baby Be Hip’s sibling shirts! Choose from our “big brother” or “big sister” (or both if you have one of each!) baseball tees, and see if any of your family or friends notices their shirts – that’s what Colleen did to tell her family at Easter one year! For the Mook family, they have a little collection of penguins that represents their family. Colleen and her husband added an extra penguin for their 4th child, and that’s how the other 3 found out!

One Christmas, Colleen’s sister Kelley wrapped frames with ultrasounds of her twin babies as a gift, which is definitely gaining more popularity these days. Or, like this Baby Be Hip couple did below, send out an adorable birth announcement to tell their families they were expecting twins – what a creative idea!

If you find out you’re pregnant around the holidays, wrap up a little baby Christmas tree ornament and give to someone as a gift, or in the fall carve into a little message into a pumpkin. At Easter or during springtime, write the news on an Easter egg! Set a place at your table with “grandpa” or “aunt” written on the napkins or place cards of your family to reveal the pregnancy.

Serve up a batch of cupcakes with pink and blue frosting to see if anyone catches the baby themed hint.

To reveal to your significant other, spell it out in a game of Scrabble or personalize a fortune cookie so the fortune gives away your big news. However you decide to share the excitement, we’re sure it will be fabulous!

Tell us – how did you announce to your family and friends you were pregnant? We want to hear the story!