Aug 29th 2019

Thanks to Audrey for being a guest blogger and sharing with us how to make a video to commemorate your pregnancy! Keep reading for her tips..

I was feeling pretty lazy my second pregnancy and lacked the same motivation I had had to document my first. My best friend encouraged me to try because I would regret it if I didn’t. Boy am I glad she said that…I started taking my photos at 12 weeks but you can start as early on as you like of course!

Here are some tips and tricks to making the perfect video!

1) Buy a cheap tripod. You can find one for as little as $13 on Amazon and all you need is a basic one. 99% of all cameras (DSLR or point and shoot) have a hole on the bottom that screws right into a tripod.

2) Invest in belly stickers! Etsy has an incredible assortment of stickers for your belly that go along with your pregnancy week! These markers or a chalkboard or even just a piece of paper letting the viewer know how far along you are work brilliantly for a video!

3) Figure out how to set up the automatic timer on your camera. You can literally Google the question with the model of your camera and find out! You can even use your iPhone by investing in a $10 iPhone tripod and a self-timer app!

4) Choose your attire – wearing something form fitting to show off that baby bump is suggested or a sports bra with tight black pants if you like a bare belly. You can’t go wrong so long as you wear something tight! If you want to make the video a true stop action video, definitely plan to wear the same thing weekly.

5) Choose a day of the week to take your photo and commit! Make sure everyone in your family knows and will help motivate you for those days in your pregnancy when the couch and a pint of ice cream is calling. There are times when you just don’t feel like doing it but it is so worthwhile I promise!

6) Try and find a spot in your home with good natural light and not much chaos behind you. You don’t want any distractions from that bump!

7) Start shooting!!! Make sure to take 5 – 10 photos in your session.

8 ) Find a program on your computer that allows you to make a movie. I personally use iMovie. Or better yet enlist a friend who loves to make videos on the computer!

9) Start listening to music and make a list of your favorite songs. If you are making a stop action video, I highly recommend a song that is on the upbeat side