Aug 30th 2019

It’s something we hear all too often as moms these days. It’s a constant reminder that the clock of time ticks on, with or without our buy in. It is something we need to remember, amid all things not-so-glamorous about motherhood. Yet it is something we simultaneously find reasons to forget.

It’s one thing for our little ones to outgrow their onesies before they even have a chance to wear them, but when they start outgrowing furniture, that is something else entirely. Because furniture in a home is an investment; it is something expensive that you purchase to tend to and care for over the course of time.

And let’s be honest – there are not many things that fall into that category when it comes to anything baby related. That sales professional at the baby mega store can talk you into pretty much anything when you’re hormonal and pregnant and have been reading three too many baby books that day. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Even as those kiddos continue outgrowing shoes and clothes and half of what they fit into yesterday, there are ways to make some of your baby purchases stand the test of time.

Here are a few furniture purchases that will grow with your child:

The convertible crib. This is an easy and common furniture item that a lot of people are aware is a transformative option from day one. The majority of modern cribs are built to meet safety standards of today and tomorrow, as they have an option to convert into a toddler bed. Some are even capable of transforming into normal beds or desks that can be used for years to come.

Rethink the playroom. If you have the flexibility or space for a playroom for the little ones, consider making the furniture you use something that will grow right along with them. A play table is a necessary evil in such a space, so why not find a way to make it something that will last more than a few months? Consider an adjustable table that will grow in height as your kids do.

Don’t forget the details. A glider/rocker is great in the moment, and can be reused in other rooms of the house once your baby grows out of liking or needing to be rocked to sleep. Another multifunctional option (space permitting) is to use a loveseat sofa sleeper that can serve as a cozy chair but create an extra place for guests to sleep somewhere in the house once it’s no longer needed in the nursery.

The chair that stays with you. Some high chairs can be converted into normal chairs you can use at a desk or elsewhere in the house after it is no longer needed as a high chair for your baby. They can be costly, but there are savings in multi-functional investments like this one in the long run.

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By Ty Schmidt