Aug 30th 2019

Smile, it matters! We love happy babies and there is a lot that we can learn from them too. If children can smile an average of 400 times a day, I think as adults we can smile more than the average of only 20 times a day. If you want to be happier (and who doesn’t?), read some more fun facts below about the power of a smile. Give a smile or two away today, we dare you!! When in doubt, just smile, and see how your life can change.

Smiling, it really does make a difference! Try it, it matters! We want YOU to go out there and give your face a workout by exercising those 26 muscles to smile. You can also boost your immune system because it may just add 7 years to your life. Hey, just be childlike. See if you can be one of those happy people and smile 45 times a day. That’s nothing because children smile an average of 400 times a day! It’s time that we channel our inner child for our health and our beauty! Do you know that smiling even makes you look prettier? So, now on those days where I roll out of bed and don’t get make-up on, I’m going to smile more. Hey, whatever it takes. Right? So get out there and get smiling. We are pretty sure you will feel better and remember it is contagious. See what happens. So go for it! Yeah, Baby!

What do you think of our first infographic for Baby Be Hip? We have to thank Devon from Mama Cheaps for her delicious baby, Landon, aka, Ryan in this picture. And to our wonderful photographer, Caitlin of Photography by Caitlin Domanico. Seriously, how can you not smile at that face? Thank you guys! Sending smiles your way.

Another fun fact– it is National Give Kids a Smile Day, sponsored by the American Dental Association so even more reason to smile!

We are all about babies at Baby Be Hip and want to leave you smiling when you get a baby gift from us. Our goal is that the new parents will be smiling after they receive a wonderful personalized baby gift made just for their little baby. We’d love to help you out for all of your baby gift needs. They’ll say you shouldn’t but they’ll be glad you did.