Aug 30th 2019

There’s a reason everyone says “a picture is worth a thousand words.” A photograph can capture far more than just the light of a single instant. A lifetime of memories can be held within a family portrait that will be cherished for generations. You can sense the spirit and imagination in a candid shot of the kids running around in the backyard. And the smile of a young baby can be indescribably contagious.

As we’ve been working on growing our Instagram account (find us at @babybehip!), it’s been so much fun to see others’ images and how they are photographing their families and little ones. We’ve gathered a few of our friends and customers who also just so happen to have great accounts that are definitely worth checking out. Check out these Instagram :

Caitlin Domanico (@capturing_motherhood)

Caitlin is a local mama of two girls whom we’ve worked with for some of our Baby Be Hip lifestyle photos. Caitlin strives to make as effortless and comfortable as possible, especially for those of us who don’t love to be in front of a camera. She is also passionate about “ending the mommy wars” and breaking the divide between different feeding methods through her #unitedwefeed project.

Kara Raudenbush (@kararaudenbush_photography)

Another PA local, Kara’s portfolio covers all the best moments of life. You’ll see everyone from newborns, young dance students and high school seniors newlyweds and generations of families gathered together. Last year, she started The DIY Photo Club, a studio space which makes photography more accessible for everyone and anyone to learn. And with summer right around the corner, her feed is sure to get more for the season!

Carolyn Mara Borlenghi (@carolyn_mara)

Carolyn never disappoints with her posts! You’ll find a glimpse of life with two sons in sunny Miami mixed with some incredible self portraits that are always worth checking out. In addition to teaching photography, she also participates in Childhood Unplugged, a wonderful group of photographers documenting their kids enjoying the “art of play” without all the TV and computer screens.

Audrey Blake Breheney (@audreyblake_)

Another mother of two, this family is getting ready for another little one! With a third sister in the mix, the smiles and giggles are sure to multiply even more. Whether it’s her own family or any of her clients, Audrey’s photos seem to come to life as you scroll through her feed. She photographs for a children’s clothing line in NJ, offers several lifestyle focused sessions and also works with Carolyn and the other mamas involved in #childhoodunplugged.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I know so many of our customers are talented photographers. Whether an amateur or professional, we’d love to connect with all you Instagram and see your shots! Follow us @babybehip, send us a message or use some of our favorite tags – #AlwaysSmiling, #SpitUpInStyle and #BabyBeHip. Hope to see you there!

All photos posted with permission.