Aug 30th 2019

After being a mom now for 14 years and to four children, I am getting pretty good at this Mom thing, well sort of. My thoughts on Mother’s Day have also shifted over the years dependent on what stage of life I was in. We thought it would be fun to ask other moms out there about some of their favorite Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that they love too. Hint, Hint Guys! There are some great ones here. You could hit it out of the ballpark this year with some of these ideas.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Mother’s Themselves:

  • Framed good family photos. – Mary Sheridan Wright
  • I like time for a good run that day! And then spending the rest with my family! Also a day with my mom! Heather Orman-Lubell
  • My mom and I always spend the day gardening together. In the past, we also used to pick a tourist site within the five-county area that we’d never been to before and go take a tour. We never do brunch or any of those girlie things, and we also limit presents. It’s about time together. – Joy Sil
  • A home cooked breakfast for Mom cooked by the kids. – Patti Durkin (what she loved when her kids were little)
  • All l ask for every year is – my kids to be kind to each other and each of them not to leave all their stuff around the house. Haven’t got that one yet. – Heather Kates Kelly
  • When my kids were young my hubby would help them stage the Sugarman Cafe (nicely decorated table on the sun porch) and they served me and their two grandmothers brunch. Marc was the cook, but they helped and served. Presented us with hand made menus, etc. In the early years we didn’t have the sun porch so they nailed a blanket over the doorway between the kitchen and dining room. The kids loved scooting in and out of the kitchen. – Jolene Sugarman
  • I always send the grandmothers photo mugs. They aren’t close, so they get to see their babies while they drink their morning coffee. – Amy Sitnick
  • So, everyone is having great mom’s day suggestions. I think I’ll share mine only to you! During a particularly rough adolescent time with my son I asked for a night ALONE in a hotel for a Mother’s Day gift. No one thought I was serious. But I was so very serious! – Anonoymous (YES, I totally get this one, respect it and actually would LOVE this gift)
  • Cleaning out my car, wash and wax. Helping with gardening projects. Being together. – Kara Hartwell Raudenbush
  • Definitely a night off from cooking & for us all to do something together. The last few years we have gone to the movies…which usually happens to be the newest super hero movie. Not really my favorite kind of movie, but it’s a funny tradition now. -Amy Gordon Young
  • My boys make me “breakfast” ( I use that term very loosely). They usually go shopping with Moody the day before and get all my favorite “treats”- ice cream, jimmies, pretzels, cookies- and theirs as well and have a special “breakfast” buffet.

    It usually takes about 4 days to emerge from my sugar coma but it’s once a year and more importantly it’s a FUN morning. – Julie Tragemann Kwok

  • One of my favorite Mother’s Days was right after Taylor was born. Jason packed a picnic and we took the kids to Peace Valley Park and walked around. And played some soccer and ate lunch. It was magical. – Amy Meagher Fifer
  • I’d love to have family over to play with the kids so I could work on my soap business, Gladiator Soap, house, or landscaping without distraction or interruption! – Nicole Weir Olivieri
  •  We have started the tradition with baseball but let me tell you – I have gotten the best photo of Ryan last year it melted my heart. The boys were running flowers over before the start of the game with a matching t-shirt as the boys. Then we just hang home with NOTHING to do which is perfect! – Amy Samson McKinney
  • When my girls were little we’d always take advantage of Ben & Jerry’s free Mother’s Day cones. Usually combined with a drive to Lake Champlain.- Joan Denizot
  • Breakfast made by my husband and kids, barre class, spa afternoon, finished with a glass of wine and great conversation with my husband outside on our porch, watching the beautiful sunset! I should probably send that to my husband.-Sunny Beth White
  • One year we planted a garden and that was simply divine. I got to enjoy it all summer long. Now that the kids are super involved, the best gift is not having a tournament Mother’s Day weekend so we can have quality downtime together. Rushing around to (sometimes multiple) tournaments is not fun on Mother’s Day! I want us all together, I just prefer ACTUALLY BEING together! – Rebecca Allen Schinaman
  • Dinner at my sister in laws with the moms being pampered by the boys!!! Any time with my family I am happy!!!! – Leslie Willhide Osborne
  • Hand made anything, especially a card! – Carolyn Glasgow Harris
  • Drop me at the bookstore (the one with the cafe inside) and come back in 2 hours. Wait, make that 3! – Gina Badalaty
  • Outside playing with the grandbabies, they keep you young and smiling and blessed. – Sindy Heim Young
  • Go Do Something that Mom Loves to Do (& don’t complain). Perhaps it is a trip to the museum, a walk in her favorite park, eating at her favorite restaurant, a trip to the lake or the beach. Wherever Mom wants to go, you all go and no complaining and of course, no fighting kids!
  • A day at the spa. If you really want to plan, perhaps you could arrange it to coordinate with her friends or her sisters and mom.
  • A big family bbq where the guys are on the grill or in the kitchen. Just make sure that Mom is not at the store, cooking and cleaning. Nothing fancy necessary.
  • Let Mom sleep in!!! Make sure you intercept the little ones, always.
  • A day all to myself! Love you all so much but a day to myself is the best gift ever.