Aug 30th 2019

We have a new feature at Baby Be Hip where we want to share some of our New Friends with YOU on Fridays. To kick it off, we want to introduce to you this awesome product from our friends at Myself Belts. They make belts that kids can use all on their own without Mom’s assistance. Now, if you are a mom or dad of a toddler, you know that feeling when the little one has to go use the bathroom right now. I mean, right now! There is no time to undo that cumbersome belt all by themselves and mom is in the other room holding the baby. I’ve been there, and I’m sure you have too. Well, your life can change right now with the use of a Myself Belt. My oldest, was very thin so she definitely needed a belt but she also needed her independence (me too) and that’s why I loved Myself Belts!

Myself Belts is a mom-invented line of children’s belts and toddler belts. Of course, a busy mom would come up with this product probably from that same scenario mentioned above happening one too many times. The easy belts for kids are both stylish and functional (a perfect combo, I must say). This award-winning product design not only keeps pants up, but teaches and encourages your child’s independence. The belts are perfect for potty training toddlers, preschoolers and teens alike. I have used them for my children and they truly are a lifesaver and I love the designs too. There are all sorts of patterns and designs and you can even get them personalized. You know we love unique personalized gifts at Baby Be Hip so we are loving those ones, especially. 

Now here’s a funny small world story. Talia is one of the founders of Myself Belts and she went to college with my husband and they were good buddies. We linked up once we both had businesses and babies and have helped each other out along the way. It is about time that I officially let you all know about this product. For a short time, Myself Belts, has agreed to give all the Baby Be Hip customers a special coupon for 15% off your order using the code, BEHIP.

Another fun fact about Myself Belts is that the 2 co-founders are also sisters! And you may have seen Myself Belts on Shark Tank! Talia did awesome and is now in partnership with Damon John. How cool is that? 

Hurry up and go check out Myself Belts. I promise it will make life easier with toddlers especially in those fun potty training days and later when the independence is in full force! Forever, we hope, independence that is!!

Thanks for learning more about our New Friend Friday, Myself Belts!!