Aug 30th 2019

I’m not a crafty mom, at all! But I’m all for summer fun ideas for the kids without much assistance needed by me. I’ll get them their supplies and then they are on their own, for the most part. I gain some quiet time in the house (bliss) and it allows them to get creative all on their own, foster their independence and think outside the box without mom’s meddling. These are all kid-friendly ideas and some we’ve done this summer already and others are still on the to-do list. Here are 5 fun and cheap summer fun ideas to do with paint, OUTSIDE. And remember to take pictures to remember the good times. I’m usually good at that much to my kids’ dismay.

1) Messy Twister with Paint: Just grab some yellow, blue, red and green washable Tempera paint and some white clothes that you don’t mind messing up. Add in a few friends, an imagination, a Twister set (or even a tarp, if you don’t have one) and go play Twister.

Twister board all ready for fun with Paint for Messy Twister

See what happens next….

Smiles are sure to ensue after Messy Twister!

2) Paint Fight: The natural progression from Messy Twister is a Paint Fight! No explanation needed here. Pure fun was had by all! All they needed was my ok to go for it!

Summer fun with paint and friends!

3) Paint Filled Water Balloons: Now, we haven’t done this one yet but I have the supplies for them (that’s a start, right?) Look how fun this looks and our friends over at Our Little House in the Country share everything you need to know for this activity.

Water balloon paint fight

4) Painting on Canvas: Everyone has to express their inner Van Gogh or Degas. Summer is the perfect time for that. Just grab a canvas and some paint (if you’re like me you probably have a ton around the house) and let them paint what they want.

Hanging with the cousins at Aunt Kelley’s house!

This was Molly’s masterpiece. I love her message, by the way. #proudmom

Give them some paint and set them free!

5) Painting on the Sidewalk or Driveway: We haven’t done this one yet but we will. Painting is so much more fun when you don’t have to be neat. Don’t you think? We love this by Pink and Green Mama.

While you are in the Painting Mood– capture the handprints of your kids for some fun artwork to hang that you will love and cherish forever. This was done by my four kids and now this is one art project that I did oversee. It is now hanging in my mudroom.

These kids they are growing!!

If paint scares you or you tend to shy away from it in the house (like me), summer is the PERFECT time to indulge the kids with paint. They will make memories of a lifetime and the mess stays outside. Happy last month of summer!! Do you have any summer fun ideas with paint that your kids love and of course are easy? Let us know.