Aug 29th 2019

I got a text from my girlfriend, Connie yesterday morning: “Hey Sweets! I’m placing a Baby Be Hip order for a new baby girl named Parker tomorrow, any suggestions for a great gift idea? What do you like the best?” 

Yippee! Love these kinds of texts! I get to be a personal shopper! I needed details and found out the baby is from Brooklyn and had a ball putting a great gift set together for this new little “Brooklynite”.

We take a good amount of orders from NYC here at Baby Be Hip and our most popular product has been the Monogrammed Widgeon fleece jacket, so I followed in the footsteps of our loyal New Yorkers, who are always “in the know”, and suited Parker up in a trendy Widgeon.

Now for color scheme…. We are noticing that pink is not the constant go-to for little girls anymore. Shoppers are branching out and we are finding that is the new neutral… Boys, girlsit doesn’t matter the gender, navy is becoming the new pick for the little ones. Paired with pastels for a nice contrast or with bright oranges, yellows and greens a statement, gift-givers and decorators seem to be choosing this classic color again and again. We see many fabulous choices here behind the scenes and I must say, these “Navy-lovers” are on to something. I’m a fan!

So check out …

  •  A Navy Widgeon (yes, for a girl!!) paired with a classic pink embroidered Monogram
  • Our bestselling Metal Bucket: Navy, of course, with a pink accent and a single script initial
  • Two personalized Burp Cloths, for “spitting up in style” (can you believe I get paid to say that?) I coordinated the ribbons on the burp cloths with our Navy/Pink scheme
  • And yes, A NAVY gingham bib personalized with a pink “Parker”. I love, love this set and hope Connie, Parker and family will too!

Take a peek at some other gift sets featuring, you guessed it…. Navy Blue