Aug 30th 2019

The twins are here! My cousin Molly delivered two beautiful baby girls on April 24th. Twin A: 6.4 lbs and 19.5 inches Twin B: 6.9 lbs and 20 inches. 


Welcome to the world!

My family is going nuts and we are so thrilled for Molly and Steven. If you had the chance to read my previous blog, you know how they cleverly announced that they were expecting. It’s been a long, highly anticipated event for the fam…. It’s been hard for us, so I can’t imagine how Molly and Steven endured the waiting. Well, the time has come and we have two healthy bundles of joy to love, cuddle and spoil. OK…. drum roll please! The names–Maggie Ryan and Bridget Leigh. Adorbs! Big sister Annie is happy and already helping with “her” babies. (No need for dolls anymore… She’s got the real deal times two!)  

      Instant Family!

So I thought I’d take this opportunity to celebrate twins. First and foremost, let’s put all twin gift sets on sale at Baby Be Hip in honor of these two sweet little loves! Done! Next, lets talk twins. Molly is the daughter of a twin and Steven is a twin himself, so Mom and Dad have a head start and deep understanding of the special bond that their daughters will experience.

          Twin Love!

When I look at the picture of Maggie and Bridget holding hands it gives me goosebumps. Just the thought of the fun and love to come is so overwhelming. These girls are so blessed!

Twins have super powers. They can make up their own language, read each other’s minds and take each other’s tests in middle school without getting caught! I’ve heard many stories from my Aunt Anne and Aunt Beth (Molly’s Mom) where they played their twin card to trick friends and teachers. I’ve been to many family occasions where we laugh at them because they show up in the same outfit. The funny thing is they don’t even shop together! One Twin lives in Atlanta and one in Philadelphia. When we try to think of an explanation the answer is always the same… “Oh, it’s just a twin thing!”

Mrs. Mogg, (Steven’s mom) felt as if she was in a time warp when she came to meet her new little granddaughters. Her twins are grown (pictured below w/ Molly at her shower), but seeing those new babies in the hospital brought those first days with her twins flooding back. The love, pride and joy was enough to make her burst! Here we are 30 some years later and history seems to be repeating itself.. Life is funny.   

Dad is a twin himself. Pictured above, Steven and his twin sister Kristen giving the thumbs up for the twins on the way!

These two should gear up for lots of love and attention. With big sister Annie at the helm, they are in for a happy, busy life. We can’t wait to watch them grow and suit them up with our favorite Baby Be Hip gear. I sent the new little ladies these bibs and burps. Maggie and Bridget will be spitting up in style.

Join me in wishing this instant family the best and stay tuned for updates of the twins and big sister, Annie. I can’t wait to watch this show! Oh boy…. three girls under three! Here we goooooooooooooooo!!!!