Aug 30th 2019

The monogrammed widgeon jacket has been a long time favorite product of ours, and with fall swiftly approaching, it’s the perfect time to snag one before the chilly weather strikes (Unless this rainy and dreary spell continues, then you might need one for the remainder of the summer!) To show you what a fantastic jacket the monogrammed widgeon is, we’ve come up with 9 reasons why it’s better than your standard jacket (And no, one of the reasons is not just because it’s a stylish and trendy Baby Be Hip product, which really should have been #1 on the list!) Take a look and see for yourself, we know you’ll love it too! Fun fact– we started carrying this Widgeon coat years ago when a long term customer of ours from trendy New York said it i s a “must-have” jacket and makes an excellent gift too, especially when it is monogrammed. We love input from our customers, always.

9 Reasons to Love Monogrammed Widgeon Jackets

1. It’s the best infant/toddler jacket ever made, if we do say so ourselves!

2. What child doesn’t want to feel as if they are wearing a cozy blanket 24/7? Fabric is thick, soft and very warm.

3. Squirmy child? The velcro close on the front is perfect for fast and easy on and off.

4. We heard Harper Beckham (ok, he is older now we know) has one, which means your little one needs one “like yesterday”

5. The hoodie keeps you nice and toasty on a windy beach day

6. It’s made with Polartec fleece right from the USA, so you know its super snuggly and sweatshop free!

7. You’ll little one will never mix this jacket up with anyone else’s because of the unique monogram

8. No zipper? No problem! The velcro makes getting in and out of the car seat a breeze! You’ll never want to go back to those zippers again.

9. It comes in many colors (hot pink, light pink, purple, red, navy and light blue) and lots of sizes too (12 months, 18 months, 2T, and 3T).

. . .

See? We knew you’d love this awesome jacket just as much as we do!

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