Aug 29th 2019

Celebrate your pregnancy the modern mom way! We’ve rounded up 7 unique ways to commemorate your pregnancy, a growing trend among expectant moms. These fun, simple ideas will help document a special time with you and your family’s lives, and will be a great keepsake to always have and show your little one when they grow up! You may remember our blog post a few months ago highlighting our customer Audrey’s time lapse pregnancy video, and our previous post on trends for your pregnant belly, both popular ways to remember this special time!

Here are some cute ideas to commemorate your pregnancy:

1) Video: Make a week-by-week time-lapse video taking pictures of yourself to show your progress throughout pregnancy. Find a cute backdrop, use props, and have fun putting all the pictures together to make a special video for the baby! 

2) Belly Cast: Use a belly cast kit to mold your belly at its biggest, and hang it in the nursery as a keepsake. Decorate it for an extra special touch!

3) Belly Painting: Paint your belly with a fun design to show off your pregnancy shape – have it professionally painted or do it yourself and celebrate your pregnancy!

4) Pregnancy Diary: Keep a diary and each week, month, or trimester, write to the baby-to-be with your recent cravings, how big they are, what you are doing and how you are celebrating. When the baby grows up, they’ll love looking back and reading your thoughts to them.

5) Pregnancy Photography: Capture this special time in your life with a photography session with your husband, children, or just by yourself, showcasing your silhouette and creating a lifelong keepsake.

6) Gender Reveal Party: Find out the baby’s gender and reveal it to your family and friends in a fun and surprising way – by slicing into a piece of cake, decorating with balloons or confetti, or including a big sibling.

7) Belly Growth Chart: Track your growing belly with markings on a wall or poster that measure your belly curve. A great way to involve a little one and get excited for the new baby!

Have you tried any of these fun ways to celebrate your pregnancy? Let us know in the comments below!