Aug 30th 2019

Often times, we get asked what are our best selling baby gifts. We believe we have the best monogrammed baby burp cloths for baby girls around. It was the first product we offered at Baby Be Hip and it is still in our product offering and continues to be a best seller. Our monogrammed burp cloths have been featured on Good Morning America, TODAY show, and American Baby and Baby Talk Magazines, etc. We’ve kept with what works which is the large absorbent burp cloths and continue to offer new fonts and ribbons to make them unique. Here are a few of the best monogrammed burp cloths for baby girls out there! Let us tell you why!

Monogrammed Burp Cloths Sometimes, folks interchange the use of monogrammed and personalized so we will offer both options here. For us, the monogrammed baby burp cloths are usually for the three letter monogram or single initial of either the first or last name. These make a great gift as they arrive beautifully packaged and will be so functional (ie- they will use these and love these) as you know all babies spit up, let them “spit up in style” with these burp cloths. These burp cloths are large, unlike some of the others out there on the market. They are absorbent which is what every new parent wants when the inevitable spit up occurs. They are a nice price point too at $55 including free gift box and handwritten gift note for this high quality baby gift. The monogrammed burp cloths are offered in a variety of fonts too. The picture below shows the monogrammed burp cloths in the Vines font which is very trendy for new moms these days. Just remember to enter the initials correctly as requested on the order page.

 Personalized Burp Cloths: The personalized burp cloths generally are embroidered with the baby girl’s first name only. Sometimes, we get requests for first and middle name but they really do look best with just the first name so the name can really pop. These personalized burp cloths are so welcomed by the new parents. You know mom and dad have talked forever about the perfect name for their new baby and these burp cloths showcase that name beautifully. We promise, these may be just be one of their favorite baby gifts of all time. These are $50 for a set of three personalized burp cloths with your choice of many ribbon choices and fonts for every style.


Personalized & Monogrammed Combo: Can’t decide between the Monogrammed and Personalized Burp Cloths, no problem, we have you covered. Customers requested this gift set, so we now offer it and it has become quite popular.


Looking for other variations, price points and styles, we have them. Have a look at all of our offerings for burp cloths here. Also, if you want to get something else for the baby girl, we have plenty of baby gift basket alternatives with our baby bucket gift sets. And if you don’t see what you are looking for, give us a shout at 215.353.0550.